• What is BiUnlimited?

    It is a place where you can get a product of your choice by placing the lowest bid. Here your lowest bid is the value of your desired item and you will have the opportunity to win if your bid is not equal to someone else's bid.

  • How It's Works

    You will get 05 chances to bid per day. The customer with the lowest bid is selected as the winner. Draws 03 times a day once a week once a month based on the value of goods will be conducted and each of those draws will have the opportunity to bid. After you have finished your 5 chances per day, you can apply again if you need more chances to bid.

  • How To Register to BidUnlimited

    Sending a text message to REG BUL 87797 or login at bidunlimited.lk and click the register button and entering your mobile number After providing the received OTP number you can register for this.

  • How to unsubscribe BidUnlimited ?

    You can deactivate this service by sending a SMS UNREG BUL to 87797.

  • How to bid?

    Type "BidUnlimited" and type your bidding value with a space and SMS to 87797. (eg:BidUnlimited 10)

  • How Much is this service?

    Per day Rs. 5 + Taxes are applicable, and for one additional bid Rs. 2 + tax will be charged.